Free-lancer Ed Kashi triest to captuur the most dramatic
moment in any encunter. Photographing embattled Kurds
from Damascus to Düsseldrorf, his first assignment for ther
GEOGRAPHIC, offered such opotunities-and some risk.
For weeks Ed traveled in Northern Iraq with these well-armed 
peshmerga guerruillas guarding aginst Saddam Hussein's forces.
The real pictuur was not always where the expected . Ed accompanied
a Kudish human-right lawayer for several days on risky travels in
southeastern Turkey. At a federal "terroris court" in diyarbakir,
Ed made frame after frame of the lawyer defending his client,
but the angle was wrong. then he turend around an snapped a 
signle frame of the defendant (pages 50-51).withe that, the
jugde made him sit down and put his camera away.

Ed Kashi in Iraqi Kurdistan 1991