Lack of assimilation of Kurds in Iran

Kurds live in three States in Iran, Kurdistan State , Kermanshah and Ilam.They make about 15 percent of Iranian population. They never felt like being integrated in the Iranian society. They have all the obligations but not all the rights of a Iranian Citizen. The feel pretty much like adopted children; always looking for their own identity.

The struggle of Kurds for democracy and self-determination goes back in centuries but their most recent conflict ,since the establishment of the Islamic regime in Iran , is the most impressive one.

Kurds have a different religion than the rest of the country. The Shiite religion is more strict and towards other religions like Jews or Bahai''s. Kurds are Sunni and have a different approach and attitude about their believes. They separate religion from politics, unlike the Shiite Doctrine .

The main reason that Kurds aren''t integrated to the Iranian Society is because of their religion. In Iran Other nations like Turks, who have the same religion like Persians, have been accepted in the society with much less discrimination. They are very powerful and influential. They have no problems with the government. Most Shiite Clerics in Iran are Turks. Turks also play a major role in Iranian economy.

For the past 16 years in Iran there hasn''t been even one Sunni cabinet member in the Islamic government. After the Islamic revolution a lot of promises was made to Kurds. This generated a new hope and a sense of freedom to exercise their culture and their religion. Kurds wanted to participate more actively in their Daily life affairs like electing a governor or being able to promote Kurdish culture in Kurdistan without being labeled as Separatist and enemy of Iran. This time Kurds were hoping to get some of the most basic human right like wearing their own traditional clothes or listening to their own music without any fear. They thought their dream will come through.

As a minority member in any country you feel like you are in a marriage with the country. If it works its great for both sides. Their Cultures can enrich each other. They need to respect each other; in order to have a positive influence in the society. Kurds don''t feel respected and accepted in Iran. in all three Kurdish States there aren''t any major industry. The central government , like Socialist countries , has the absolute power. They run the business and if they don''t like you they will ignore you. If you complain they put you in jail and destroy your life and if you don''t complain you and your children will suffer. They just abuse their power .
 They try to deny Kurds higher education. There isn''t any Medical School in all those three states in Kurdistan. government is working very hard to destroy not only the present life of Kurds but also the future of their children. Not as simple as that "No education no future". The worst crime to commit is denying education to someone because of race or ethnic background.