Republic of Mahabad

1946 mahabad kurdistan_karim nazemi with the kurdish flag, mohammad firuzi and ahmet

This photograph was sent to us by Muhyeddin Rahim and at first we were not sure that the
handwritten caption was correct. Some scholars said it could not have been taken in Mahabad.
But finally, Hassan Ghazi, a Kurd living in Sweden, found an early history book in which this picture
was reproduced.
The handwriting on the image reads: Celebration of the independence of Kurdistan (left to right)
Ahmed Kafash, a Kurdish officer; Karim Nazemi, with the flag of Kurdistan; Mohammad Firuzi,
a Kurdish Officer.
This was taken sometime around January 22, 1946. We have no idea who might have taken this picture,
nor how it survived the destruction of the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad."