Mahmad Aref Cezrawi  1912- 17-12-1986

Mahmad Aref  was born in 1912 in Cezra Botan, Turkey  Kurdistan. He was arrest and  butted  in jail by the Ata Turk regime  in 1920. He was escape from his jail in Cezra Botan  to Zaxo city in Iraqi Kurdistan  He song his first song in 1933 with Marym Can. Mahmad Aref suffered very much in his life without var from his family. He was forced to go into exile where he experienced a very life, jailed and tortured. He song his very Popular song Gazal Gazal in 1955 and recorded a great number of songs in the Kurdish section of the Baghdad Broadcasting Station. In 1973 he travel to Lebanon and song some great songs there.

He recorded many songs. With his own style to Kurdish songs till his died. Mahmad Aref  died  December 17, 1986 and was buried in city Zaxo. He is still one of the most popular and well known singers in Kurdistan..