Mukriyani 1925 to 1977 as a photographer for two reasons: first, to make money 
to publish his newspapers--Zari Kermanji, Runaki, Hataw, etc.--and secondly,
to record Kurdish cultural life and prominent Kurdish poets and writers by 

In Arbil, the Revolutionary Command council decided in 1974 that all the photographs
were to be gathered up and destroyed, as they were cultural products.According to this
decision no cultural works were permitted in private houses.

I bought an enlarger and copied all the photographs in case the originals were destroyed
or decomposed when I buried them underground.Where and how I hid them is a matter
I cannot tell. I beg your pardon, but it is a secret matter.
Interview with Azad Mukriyani, 
son of Kurdish photographer Giw Mukriyani, living in northern Iraq, by Mawlan 

From the book, Kurdistan, In the Shadow of History.